Living Shapes. Patch and Written Tutorial

This package contains two products:

  • A written tutorial: a 20 pages PDF file.
  • A Jitter patch. Compatible with both versions Max 7 and Max 8.


This Jitter patch is ready for use. It creates live-visuals. It allows you to create smooth movements on 3D surfaces, for example, like water running or fire burning. The patch also can create large variety of live visuals. See what this patch can do in this demo:

The written tutorial explains in deep detail the working principles of the patch. A deep understanding of these techniques will allow you to modify the patch or build something similar.


This tutorial requires an intermediate-advanced Jitter level from students. If you are a Jitter beginner student we recommend the Online Jitter Course for Beginners, available here:


You'll get 1 PDF and 1 ZIP

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