Introduction to Live-Video Using Jitter, Online Course


Introduction to live-video with Jitter is an online course. It is an introduction to the world of live-video in the MAX environment. The course is designed for the musician who wants to add interesting visual, non-existent elements or environments to his/her music, traditional media artists interested in moving their work into animation or interactivity or just about anybody who is curious about how live video-synthesis is made.

The course is designed to make the medium of live-video understandable and accessible, it will take you step by step from the very beginning through an intermediate Jitter level. The live-video course includes video file modifications, 3D, rendering, and animation in real time. It is also designed to make you comfortable with compositing—the mixing, adding, subtracting, and shuffling of visual elements—which is at the heart of most visual effects work.

Along the way, you will be developing the essential skills that allow independency for the successful use of Jitter. Learn at your own pace. Since you have time-unlimited access you can take as much time as you need to complete the course.

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